Who We Are

We are a digital native company providing end-to-end product design and development services. We leverage the power of experience design, cutting-edge engineering, and cloud to build disruptive web and mobile apps enabling digital transformation for businesses. We drive product engineering and digital transformation with Agile methodologies as the core.

We are designers, engineers, and strategists. A team with a unique mix of skills integrated by our client-centric process, honed by years of experience, that delivers real results, every time.

We help Internet-based businesses and product companies design to develop cloud-native web and mobile solutions. We drive digital transformation for businesses by helping them provide a frictionless, seamless experience to their customers across digital channels resulting in higher engagement, efficiency, and profitability.


Digital Transformation

Digital disruption has drastically changed the way businesses operate. Businesses are increasingly adapting to this new landscape and trying to provide a superior, seamless experience to their digital influenced customers, and thus improving their bottom line.

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Product Engineering

It is very tempting for some technologists to prescribe very specific solutions to solve a client’s business problem. But this approach may not meet the real business requirements.

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Experience Design

Our experienced user experience and visual interface designers leverage the best practices in UX research and design principles. We build captivating user experiences by early validations and keeping human centric approach with end customers in mind.

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Our DevOps strategy leverages collaboration, monitoring, tool-chain pipelines, automation and Cloud adoption. With our DevOps as a service capability, we ensure rapid on-boarding of applications by automating end-to-end delivery pipeline and facilitate continuous integration and development across leading cloud platforms.

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Web Content Management

Digital customers today are looking for personalized and tailored experiences across the touchpoints and most organizations battle to do it right. We provide organizations an exceptional omnichannel digital experience with our Web Content Management (WCM) solutions by enabling them to manage their content assets with ease.

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From building a web portal to managing complex taxation system and serving millions of users to handling a video stream product for 50K concurrent users, we solve complex problems using cutting edge technologies.


Product Manager | Vikalp

Vikalp brings 10+ years of experience in digital transformation ventures. Computer Engineering major followed by MBA Finance & Marketing, he has led product development, business transformation and web/mobile based business projects. He desires to transform businesses led by design and executed through technology.
Likes - Contagiously Passionate, Amateur Standup Comic, Cricket, Hiking & Fifa 19 Player

Software Architect | Nadh

A Polyglot programmer, Experienced Architect, Full-stack developer and team player with 18 years of software development experience in multiple roles and multiple domains. BS in Computer Science & MBA in Technology Management. Passionate about working on technology that makes the world a better place
Likes – Meditation for Relaxation, Hiking, playing with kids, Reading & Spending time with Family and Friends

Fullstack Engineer | MJ

A Tech Savvy individual with several years of backend experience. Masters in Computer Science with strong focus on building resilient, highly available and solid systems.
Likes - Code, Hang out, Hike & Travel.

Design Lead | Sam

A passionate designer with over 6 years of diverse experience focusing on UX and visual simplicity. Sam has a keen appreciation for fine details and can often be seen sketching by hand.
Likes - Travel, Read & Hike.

iOS Developer | Parag

Parag has 4 years of diverse experiences in developing varied mobile applications across iOS forms. His inclination for mobile engineering with a keen aesthetic sense to build delightful apps and user experiences. While his work is medium agnostic, he's built the App Interface for a Smartwatch and Precision tools!
Likes – loves watching American Football and splurging in Vegas casinos.

Frontend Developer | Harsh

Harsh is a Front-end Developer and his systems thinking approach and an understanding of programming helps him build interfaces that delight both users and developers.
Likes – discovering new restaurants (that serve vegetarian food) and is an avid cricket fan.



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