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Backend Engineering

We use various frameworks of Java, Python, Ruby and JavaScript based frameworks for server-side development like Redis, Mongo, Python, Rails, Flask, Java etc. We use relational as well as NoSQL databases for faster processing of complex set of data.

Frontend Engineering

JavaScript in combination with HTML and CSS has transformed the way web and mobile applications are built and we are extremely adept at implementing the JS ecosystem including areas like HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Javascript, React, Angular, Meteor, Ionic, Vue, Polymer etc.


We have knowledge in native application development for mobile and television apps across interfaces and platforms like iOS including Objective C and Swift, android, etc.


DevOps led development improves time to market, increases efficiency and reduces redundancy in the system. we have experience working on platforms like AWS, Kubernetes, Dockers and Containers, Jenkins, Git, SVN, Maven,Chef, Jira, Trello, Protractor, Selenium, JUnit etc.

Cloud Computing

We have experience across multiple cloud computing tools which includes, platform, Visualforce, Lightning Framework/Components, Microsoft Azure, AzureAD, Azure Functions, Azure Service Bus, Google App Engine, Google Cloud Platform, CloudBees, Heroku, AWS etc.

Data Engineering

Data is the key to effective decision making but is as effective as it can be appropriately represented. Uncover meaningful and actionable insights from a huge amount of data.